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sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2015

Fall in love story

This is a drawing I have made in 2002.  It is an interpretation of the song I fall in love too easily, made famous, by Chet Baker

These type of machines where very popular, in Portugal. You'd insert a coin and get an openable ball with a little present inside. On this one, I made mine, hearts from different colors - passions with several shades. I made it in a pastry shop, close to my high school, during a break time. 

I dedicated it and, afterwords, offered it to my cousin Lena (aka Prima Lena) - a person who owned a bookshop that sold music and other things as well. She was one of the responsible persons for my interest in poetry, literature, photography and music. 

Long sunny afternoons, have I spent in her bookshop's attic, and at her cinematographic house, drawing her. She dedicated her whole life to the others and to letters

As a child and a teen, she offered me gifts such as great quality watercolors (I still use in my work nowadays), books like Masters of Jazz , Modern Art 1905-1945, Aparição from Vergílio Ferreira; several music albums of Chet Baker, Tutu album, from Miles Davis or Mucha posters, just to name a few. She is a source of endless fascination in my life who certainly contributed for my great passion for all these things. 

She passed away some years ago but left in me an anchor of beauty and sense, given by all the authors and great memories she made me get in touch with. 

This article is dedicated to all the loving persons in the world.

To those whom it might mean something, happy Valentine's day :)

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