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quarta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2014

My Creative Source of the week

Last weekend I was live drawing at the Creative Sources Label Festival, that took place in Lisbon. 

Here are the 12 live drawings published in Jazz.pt magazine about it.

You can check out the the article from Bernardo Álvares with photos from Nuno Martins here and see my drawings here too. 

This one is the sweet Albert Cirera from Barcelona, shooting cherries and beauty with his sound, that filled the room with bonheur. I had this idea to use cherries since he once told me his surname Cirera means cherry in Catalan.  He couldn't have a more appropriated surname. 

One of my favorite moments of the festival was when Bruno Parrinha  played. It was moving, and I wanted to do a drawing minding the folds (the sensitive spaces in between), the layers (the depth of the axis) and the light (the parts we know and the ones we still need to discover). Bruno is also a visual artist and you can check his drawings here. Beautiful.

Carlos Godinho played with Bande à Part. I thought it was so interesting the use he was giving to some traditional Portuguese instruments and hence the text, that says something like:
"From Portugal, from the sun and the sound. Day, scraping the fruit that has juice. The balloons in the air."  He made a fresh lemonade out of a Portuguese sound. And the music went free in the air...

Ernesto Rodrigues is the mentor of the label Creative Sources behind this festival. I got inspired by his moving while playing and wanted to do something minding the 60's aesthetic and resembling a round gesture. A 360º unifying figure as he was on this event.  

Joana Guerra is a princess. Full stop. 
Mauve fire on her beautiful hands lit my imagination. She was playing with Bande à Part and it was great. 

João Madeira gave me the first inspiring moment of the festival, this one! It was when he was using two bows at the same time. 

João Silva and Carlos Santos concert was about a talk, through techs, wood, metal and plastics, and so I chose those colors and cable link. Check this other drawing I did live from Carlos here.

Maria Radich has appeared on this blog twice, once I drew her on MIA this year, and also I had the privilege to do the cd cover of ReMoTeImPLoV project where she sang too. 

She is an artist of the body and voice. Being a dancer too, while doing this drawing I was also thinking in the small movements she does with her hands while making those incredible things she does with her voice - a nicety work, a sort of lace. All about little details, the spaces and sounds in between things, or the pores as I got inspired to do this one. 

And no, this is not a photoshop pattern or filter, each of these little circles were made by hand. 
Here's the proof:

It took hours of work but she totally deserved it as she gives so much and open things to live. She is one of a kind. 

It was about time I did a drawing of Miguel Mira's foot. I didn't use ink, I used graphite & coffee on this one. Much more fun to have drawings with smell! I wanted the ambience and warmness of the wooden colors too, and coffee also allowed that spectrum too.
Not knowing him, one might think this is just a detail but feet turned one of his visual trade marks too as he mostly walks barefoot most of the time! No floor on the drawing to create a more visual image of arrival, of being alert and present now (hence the coffee) without ever being territorial. He absolutely nailed it, now.

I was thinking about resources, the metaphorical sound drawers Nuno Morão opened while playing his snare drum with his sound toys. Each of them adding a different tone - and color - to the final painting, the music. 

The flute, Paulo Curado and the clothes-line where, in my mind, a song was drying to the wind in a sunny afternoon. I wanted to do something very light and breezy, almost fragile. I had also done another drawing of Paulo, but this time he was playing sax. You can see it here

From the weird and beautiful, in labyrinths from the chaos to the light this is my portrait of Sei Miguel. And as once Nietzsche said "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star".

It was a festival full of nuances, and definitely not only sound, but visually interesting too.

Thank you Jazz.pt team for the good moments, support and great work and the Creative Sources Festival for having me as well.

And to the musicians, all, thank you for inspiring me at all times to bring in my drawings the beautiful things you are doing.

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