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quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2018

Prince João Figueira Nogueira

It was back in the days of Casa d'Os Dias da Água that I've first met João Figueira Nogueira, but it was only years later, that we became friends.

João passed away, days ago. 
We said the final goodbye to him today, in Portugal's day of Freedom, the 25th of April with a glorious sun shining, and flowers (carnation revolution) all over town. 
A day full of color and light to him. Sure deserved and appropriated.

João worked with costume and set design. I remember his set of different shoe laces, with several colors he combined according to his outfit. It was just a slight manifestation of his acute aesthetic sense, always present.

Still so vivid in my mind, his scratched voice, amongst his will to see things, until the end. Last time I met him, was a couple of weeks ago at the theatre.

Wherever he went to, even when he was most ill, João had an aristocratic countenance that led me to affectionately, call him Prince

Not long ago, I have made a portrait from him, and he took this picture of me, doing it. 
According to his visual precepts, I had to chose the majestic golden color, to wrap him.

So here it is, my tribute to a friend who will always be a bright star, for all of us.

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