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segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2015

Dragon in my room

Dragon in my room
I started to do this drawing a while before last Friday's news. Having already this drawing in my mind, I did a little research about that mythological figure, to make my own version. 

Dragons were present in folk mythology, worldwide. From the GreeksChineseIndiansJapanese, FonsVietnamese, Aztecs, Persian, Jewish, Christians, to the Vedas, and from the Middle Ages to nowadays, this creature has been represented overtime.

Believed to have super powers over natural causes like storms, floods and typhoons, at the same time, dragons profess an ideal of great strength, creativity, power and luck.
In Chinese Zodiac, Dragons are known to be blessed throughout their lives, they are very energetic, eccentric and megalomaniac. Although, they are also known to be selfish, and they might not always practice what they preach.

This short Chinese sign Dragon description, makes a bridge between its early representations,  aforementioned, and nowadays' role of politicians, terrorists and of us, citizens of this world. 

The dragon has a powerful force whose able to positively change or destroy. It's a power one should use very wisely and for the well being of all. The recent terrorism acts in Lebanon, Pakistan, France, Tunisia, and Turkey and the millions of refugees escaping from Syria, for example, are the result of the state this planet is in. And we, human beings, capable of loving, of caring and, that are lucky to be alive, have the obligation to change this.

Without borders, flags and religions, there is a dragon in my room.
To all the persons in the world struggling and suffering right now, my thoughts are with you.

Thank you Henning, for inspiring me in the title of this post. This is for you too.

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