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segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2015

"Durante o todo e oco" Exhibition Opening

On the 15th of January, at 7pm, Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea is hosting my next exhibition, "Durante o todo e o oco."

"Durante o todo e o oco" is an exhibition about my process of painting, in between whole and empty. For the first time I will showcase some of my abstract painting works, without net and framed shape. 

This is a Jack Kerouac's quote from the Dharma Bums, that inspired the title of this exhibition.

"Things are empty in time and space and mind. I figured it all out and the next day feeling very exhilarated I felt the time had come to explain everything to my family. They laughed more than anything else. But listen! No! Look! It's simple, let me lay it but as simple and concise as I can. All things are empty, ain't they?" 
Whattayou mean, empty, I'm holding this orange in my hand, ain't I?
"It's empty, everythin's empty, things come but to go, all things made have to be unmade, and they'll have to be unmade simply because they were made!"

Will post more about it soon.

Maria Radich, Luis Vicente and João Madeira will join me at he same stage in a concert, taking place on the day of the opening.

Feel welcomed to join us! 

Please find the Facebook event and more information here

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