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quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2014

Inner Tour

Back in the days, me and my dear friend Teresa grabbed our heavy backpacks and inter railed around Europe visiting friends and making new ones too. We visited several cities in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria and this drawing above was made on our way to Linz.  Seven years later, Teresa now lives in Australia and I miss her to bits.

I am sharing this today because it was because of this drawing called Viagem Interior (Inner Tour) that this blog has that name. And today is a special day for my blog.

It was some years ago, from 2010 to 2011, after spending some time living and traveling in Brazil, that I decided to make public this blog.

In the beginning it was just a mean to share some of the pictures and drawings I had made with family and friends that were around several places, but, over time, I started posting older works and publishing new ones too.

It was a blog with my images, and I didn't spoke much about it. It was something I did in a part time mode, whenever I had free time. Now it has became an almost full time job.

After presenting this project in Conversas in 2012, people asked that I should start telling the stories behind my images on the blog too, and so I started writing and sharing my thoughts and stories along with drawings and photos I made.

Two years afterwords, traveling, arts and people are still the thing that moves me, and today I am happy to say I have reached over 20000 views in this blog and over 2000 likes on my facebook page!

Visitors from all around the world keep seeing Inner Tour, that has today readers from Portugal, Russia, Austria, South Africa, Japan, Iceland, Spain, Romania, Germany, Estonia, Argentina, Turkey, India, Switzerland, Israel, The Netherlands, Qatar, Vietnam, Denmark, Thailand, Sweden, Colombia, Norway, Chile, Italy, Hong Kong, USA, Hungary, Bulgaria, China, Cape Verde, France, Canada, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, UK, Finland, Panama, Brazil, Ireland, Pakistan, Angola, Poland, Taiwan, Serbia, Czech Republic, Singapore, Senegal and many others.

I have to mention all the persons that shared their art, knowledge and life with me, that inspired me at all means, and believed in my work; and all my friends and family who have accompanied me in this Inner Tour too.

This blog turned out to be one of the nicest surprises in my life. It is a blessing and you are the reason why I do it. THANK YOU!!

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