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quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014

The days and the nights of João Botelho

The nights of João Botelho

João Botelho is one of Portugal's acclaimed auteur cinema directors. His new project is the film Os Maias, based on the novel, with the same title by Eça de Queiroz - a masterpiece of Lusophone literature. To give life to the story he chose some of our elite actors. The result is a film that premiered on the 11th of September, and is already one of the Portuguese third most watched films of the year, with already over 40 000 spectators.

Sábado Magazine interviewed Botelho to know a little bit more about him and his last full-length film so I will not extend too much on this topic because you can get all you need to know in the fun and ironic article written by Raquel Lito and see all the important moments of the interview with the beautiful photos taken by Marisa Cardoso. You'll have the chance to read the online report version later or you can buy the magazine, that is out today, here

Making The nights of João Botelho

Making The days of João Botelho

It was real fun to do this work, specially the one with the hand where I needed his active participation. After all, I was drawing live my favorite Portuguese film director. 

I pictured João Botelho in diptych mode, with day and night versions.
On the night drawing above, the vague blue was the inflated air representing the perennial hours, the never that might be tomorrow.

The days of João Botelho

Right handed, João Botelho, lent me for this drawing one of his framing tools. Verbiage elevated to the level of a terrace never has been an obstacle to have an open window to see the poetry of the sky.

Although he told me he rarely remembers his dreams, I think his films have the ability to make others do so, including me. Long live films like João Botelho's - His composition sense is remarkable and his films are living light paintings. If you're not familiar with his work, it is worth to check.

Thank you Raquel for inviting me :) It was so cool to collaborate with such nice team players, Raquel Lito and Marisa Cardoso, both talented people with a "ready to work" attitude.

All photographs on this post are from Marisa Cardoso and were used with her permission

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