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sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2014

Ahahahaha - Mimimimimi - MIAhahahau - Uuhuhuhu

Last weekend I was live drawing at MIA - the Improvised Music Encounter that takes place in Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal.

65 musicians and 17 collaborators from 10 different countries participated. And what sort of thing could be more thrilling than listening and drawing so many different personalities? The longer the meeting would've taken, the more I would've drawn.

MIA was a celebrations of sound, of noise, of music, of joy. I still feel kinda floating :)

Part of the reasons of doing this blog, is sharing my thoughts on my drawings, and I guess some of them are not that obvious but give some extra meaning to them. That is why, even though the drawings where already published here, on jazz.pt, I decided to do this article.

I always also think of the persons that read my blog worldwide and do not see my stuff published on jazz.pt. So here is a big up for everybody, in the USA, China, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Italy, UK, France, Australia, Angola and many other countries where I see people follow my work. Thank you :)

 I can't hide it was a lot of work doing so many drawings in such few time, but I hope it can give you a hint of the fun I had while doing them too!

There was something botanically poetic on Antonio Valente. He could hide in the forest but his light would still be seen. Thank you for teaching me happy birthday in Italian :)

Aude Barrios was a living sculpture playing bass. Stunning. Afterwords I found out she also draws and her work is amazing. It was so interesting to confront our different type of visual expressions.

Outside was blank. From inside Bernardo Álvares's ear a blue sky full of dreams and ideas.

The Time wheel (a Roda do Tempo) is a super original instrument made by Cadós Sanchez. He is a visual and sound artist from São Paulo so I wanted to add lots of color and line movement. The theme here was playing in it's every meanings: amusement, performing, frisking, entertaining...

Carla Genchi was the first person I have drawn in MIA. I pictured her as if she was peeking on a window, coming out of the noise.

Carlo Mascolo's beard turned alive, making noise, frenetic, dancing in the air in scribbles.

On this part of the playing sessions, Carlos Godinho played the hole time with a balloon. He was about to fly in the dark. Loved to know how he builds his instruments and will never forget the word Arrebite, crucial for the matter.

2 silhouettes of Giuliano di Cesare producing a shaped volumed intersection. That crossed my mind watching his tummy bloating while he was playing trumpet. I imagined one silhouette inhaling, the other exhaling or blowing. And yes, many times we have two inside :)

João Pedro Viegas's bass clarinet was a knife that sliced the perennial time. Half the past, half the future, the time is now.

Below Kro de la Bestiole's table lived an electric octopus. Several tentacles, without skeleton aroused connections in the dark.

Louis Schild's bench was moving water.  It was some kind of performance 3d invisible sculpture I pictured while he was playing bass.

Luís Fernandes deconstructed the drum set into kitchen pans. Fantastic! Afterwords I found out he is working in Documentaries too. Check this one out, it's beautiful!

Heading to the drums, the drummer Marcello Magliocchi struck out a line of himself.

Maresuke Okamoto playing was outstanding. Also to remember MIA's grand finale with him, energetically conducting the group. Unforgettable. Maresuke wore an amazing blue kimono which inspired me to look up for japanese print origami paper to make his portrait.  Also on my mind: how he waved.

Although her name immediately reminds us how maritime she can be (Maria from the sea = Maria do Mar) I thought Maria do Mar also proved to be energetic with a very warm feeling, which I found quite rare. The degrade from brick red to carmine relates to that transition. Also pictured her violin arch dancing in the air to the sound of the moment, creating velvet curtains to surprise the viewer with what was about to come. 

Maria Radich has created her own language anytime she's on stage singing in her one very peculiar style. Playing in a large group of people and being irreplaceable, without imposing, as she did, is remarkable. At all times being light, she made us all fly with her.

Paulo Chagas is co-responsible for all these amazing musical encounters, since him and Fernando Simões brilliantly organized MIA. This time was his turn to blow the MIA sax :)

On my imagination, a moving purple wall impelled Paulo Curado to play. The wall was turning and advancing, and every time he'd play, more light and white would come.

The beat tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra makes Pedro Castello Lopes's silhouette and percussion instrument. Been told about his connection to books and languages so I decided to include an old stamp type (of my own private collection). There's some sort of elegance sense on him I wanted to convey on the type I chose: vintage serifed type. 

Da ordem das coisas Do avesso no mundo (= From the order of things From the reverse in the world) is my portrait of Rodrigo Gobbet. Some persons came to life to challenge the existing order of things and breakthrough. They are here to make us realize something we would've never understand before if it wasn't for them. Blessed be Bosch, Van Gogh, Nijinsky, Galileu, Einstein, Stockhausen and many other persons that made the world advance and were not understood in their time. 

All were so talented and so inspiring to me. I just wish I could've had time to draw all of these amazing musicians. 

Maresuke Okamoto took me this picture while I was drawing in MIA. ありがとう!

Thank you all and specially to Jazz.pt who gives me full freedom to do the things I love the most.

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