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terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014

Yes, I can

My illustration-collage inspiration was woman emancipation, woman as a creative driving force, woman as a volcano about to burst, the red lipstick as a powerful shocking gossip; being red, the color with the power to paralyze, to call one's attention.  

This illustration relates to Visão's article, where they wrote something like: 

"Storm in Experimenta
Financial difficulties, two cases in the Labour Court, lit General Assemblies and internal wars shake Experimenta, the cultural association responsible for a mediatic design biennial held in Lisbon and which Guta Moura Guedes is the main face"

Since Visão Magazine came out with this article, the overtime efforts of keeping up the appearances of Experimentadesign (aka EXD) became pointless since some unpleasant parts of this engine are officially public. 

Created in 1998, it is of undeniable doubt that EXD has had over time a very important role catapulting some of our Portuguese Design talent, putting Portugal in the Design scene and bringing International important names of Design here. 
One didn't expect anything less that this biennial and its employees are properly paid on time. It's a shame for Portuguese Cultural scene that this isn't the case.

Starting with the profit disease, the economical crisis, the way we look towards what it was the instituted power, what we value now, how we perceive ourselves too as active agents of this whole context... it seems the world is changing.

May this episode of the EXD history be a wise lesson for all parts involved, with all good and bad that that might implicate.

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