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quarta-feira, 26 de março de 2014


As wine, some drawings need time to age better. Very often I need more time and space to finish drawings because sometimes I need that distance from the paper that allows me to see things I didn't before. This was one of those cases.

Here is a selection of my favorite live drawings made in November last year when Tindersticks played in Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. It was a cold night with music warmed hearts :)

I imagined Stuart Staples as if only rain could color him. For me his music is all about poetry, intimacy and indoors. He had a red line in one of the coat buttons and that was my favorite part of his look. Lucky I was in the very first row to see that!

David Boulter was the first one I drew. I was enchanted from the very first moment. I imagined this composition as a stone sculpture with his beautiful blue coat over it. 

The band was fantastic, all musicians were great. I was so happy also to see Earl Harvin live. His playing quality was remarkable and explains why he was playing with guys like Air, Seal or Micatone just to name a few.

And by the way, Gina Foster don't be uncertain, you are amazing too!

Some pictures of this concert with reports (in Portuguese) here and here.

Thank you Rute for inviting me, it was unforgettable :)

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