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segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014

Marco Barroso (LUME) at Jazz.pt

It was in 2006 that the pianist and composer Marco Barroso started Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble (LUME).

On a big band style, 14 musicians make LUME's music alive. In all its forms this music lives with surprise, suspense, irony, knowledge, humor, fun, sense of drama and density.
It is a patchwork of kaleidoscopic detail that, one could tell, took many hours of complex and thorough embroidery work.
In the end there is always a cinematic narrative feel of layers upon layers, because so many different types of sounds - not just music - participate on this knit. That was the trigger for this drawing background full of layers and colors.

The Hot Club was completely packed and the energy level was pretty high. Some saturday night fever was going on and I was just sorry it had to end after 8 tunes. Loved the way how the music swallowed the public on the first theme with a really well built crescent and how they called everyone's attention for the second part of the concert with a super scenic recording of glass breaking.
The music was elastic and technicolorful, reaching from Trash Metal to Funky Grooves. On the contrary of what Marco Barroso preached - that there is music to shake your ass or to headbang - we left the club knowing there is actually one where you can do both - this one.

With his very particular conducting and playing style, matching pieces in the right place and time, I thought of Marco as some sort of "Music all mighty".  On that night his hands where stretchable and he could reach anywhere for his music sake. Something like the special power Marvel's Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards, of Fantastic Four - had. The only difference was that they where Fantastic Fourteen.

I'm glad Marco didn't proceed his engineering studies. Although, one could say something from the engineering type of thought remained, since his compositions seem to have a lot of understanding on how to make a very complete machine work with dozens of different mechanical parts with a certain tuning, only Marco Barroso can pitch. I guess some life twists happen for a reason.

And, of all things above, I believe the music scene needs him devolving us reality with his own special brand new sense.

Check out the drawing at Jazz.pt here.

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