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sábado, 8 de fevereiro de 2014

Alexandre Mano with the Underdogs @ Sabotage

The Underdogs played last week at Sabotage Club

The Underdogs are Victor Hugo (guitar, voice and harmonic), Alexandre Mano (bass) and João Veludo (drums)

Some rock and blues was going on and, throughout the concert, I had the feeling his bass was a surfboard and his playing was pointing out to a brighter point in some tropical island or Hawaiian print.

Alexandre Mano was not only playing bass, he was performing and entertaining. One could tell how much fun he was having being the PR of the band when he spoke to the drunk man in the audience that that night permanently - funnily or not - tried to sabotage their concert.

He stepped up to the plate with grace and ingenuity, after all he was a music surfer :)

Thank you Sabotage team for trusting my work.

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