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segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

Nátio Mosquito @ Vodafone Mexe Fest

Every year, Vodafone Mexe Fest provide us the chance to chose a music route during two days in the axis of Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon.

Here is a drawing I've made live from Nátio Mosquito

I was already a fan of Nástio Mosquito and it was definitely one of the concerts I did not want to miss on this festival.

Because of the nature of this specific festival, one could jump from concert to concert the hole night, but this concert was one that caught my attention, and I stayed from the very start until the end, and I wanted more :)

Nástio Mosquito is a 360º artist: he is a singer, a music interpreter,  an actor, a visual artist, a political activist. Very elegant, in grey with droll socks, a white gleam lighted the room. He stood out. Nástio, I pictured you like a prince or a warrior that changes the world with its dance and sing through the lime fresh colors of new Angolan ideas.

The super talented João Gomes and a beautiful coir were supporting him on this that was one of my fav's of the festival.
They had swing, they had hot killer beats, great lyrics (that make you think while you dance) - and the music just bursted.

O mambo é sério Nástio, we want to see you back soon!

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