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quarta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2013

Conversas LIII

Elisa Ochôa (Animais como nós | Animals like us)
José Sousa Machado (Ditirambo angolano | Angolan dithyramb)
Vera Mineiro (O dia-a-dia em Guizhou | The day-to-day in Guizhou)


A museologist, curator and fine artist, Elisa has a vast experience in Art Education, having participated in several international projects. She holds a Master's Degree in Museology, and a Degree and Post-Graduate Degree in Philosophy of Art.



José was born in Luanda in 1956. He moved to Lisbon 3/4 years later. After almost fifty years, he returned to Luanda. He lived in Brazil, where he worked for publishers and newspapers. He wrote the cultural section for “Diário de Notícias”, among others. Founded and directed the magazines “Artes & Leilões”, “Arte Ibérica” and “Agenda Cultural de Lisboa”.


Vera Mineiro is 21, of portuguese nationality, and was born in Lisbon. She studied for ten years in an English school and another three years, afterward, in a professional school of Marketing. She spent two months in one of China's poorest provinces, teaching English and is currently in her third year at the university, studying Psychology. Her dream is to become a specialist in Psychocriminology and go study and live abroad.


These talks are informal meetings so we can get to know and discuss projects. They take place every Wednesday in Lisbon. This time, Conversas asked for help and each one of these Wednesdays will be organized by a couple of friends. Those responsible for this week are Érica Zíngano and Rita Frazão.

The entrance is free and the Conversas will be held in English whenever necessary.
We have ‘médias’ for one euro.
P.S. – the conversations won’t be too long or boring.

Conversas is a project by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes.
And, also, of many other people.

at Rua da Rosa 237, Lisboa
30th of October, Wednesday at 7.30pm


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