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sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2014

Rita Bonsai

To get the green you have to join the sunny yellow and the sky blue. It takes a forest, air and clouds to shape Rita. Rita... Rita Bonsai I called this one. It's about the things to grow and the things to let go and it was made during a concert where she was singing.

Rita Martins, aka Rita Maria swallows music and gives it back to you in a 360º tour. One has the feeling she sings the whole music, all the letters on in, all the feelings on it, all the vertiginous descents and all the crystal ascends as if you never heard it before that way.

She digs deep while she takes you in a heavenly flight. I don't know how she does that, I just know it's been 30 years since she emerged, clearly from a bonsai cloud.

Happy Birthday Rita Maria, may the Universe bless you.

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