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segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

João Hasselberg - A story to be told

Last Tuesday, João Hasselberg and his band gave an intimate concert at Culturgest.

I was thrilled with his last album, Whatever it is you're seeking, won't come in the form you're expecting (Sintoma Records) and it was one of my fav cd releases in Jazz.pt lists back in 2013.

This concert was in between his last album and his brand new one, coming out soon. I'm charing the drawings made from that.

In my drawing, thoughts, feelings, travelings, love letters and mysteries make João Hasselberg's story to be told. To do his portrait I searched for the original cover versions of each of the books that inspired his first album tunes. (Check them out here) Its ambience inspired me to draw and look for some old decal lettering of my Type collection inherited from my Dad. I wrote the titles of each book backwards so that only A story to be told could be properly read. Loved the new tunes too. Anxious to hear the new album!

Loved Diogo Duque who was playing trumpet. I thought his playing was poetically plastic so I decided not just to draw on his portrait but to also incorporate painting, with some elements inspired by the shirt he was wearing that night. It was a really nice surprise.

Imagined Luísa Sobral living in the story of a dress print, with flowers and stars, in a lovely afternoon to the flavor of a sweet coffee. Bucolic as she is. 

João Firmino's appearance was brief but had a purpose. He added freshness to the group. Looked at him and just thought of tropical breezy colors for him. Ahhh, suddenly life is good and he was simply great. 

Joana Espadinha opened and closed the concert. It was a grace of the birds. 
Beautiful and sweet, her lips sang pink dreams. Ooooh... can you do that magic again? 

Bruno Pedroso I haven't seen you for quite a while and do you know what? I truly missed it. 

I thought it was so beautiful how he played with the group. The world could be ending, but he'd make you laugh and feel safe. 

While doing this drawing I had in mind American Graffiti, Matt Wilson's School Boy Thug and Bruno's never ending style dancing: still! Always inspiring.

Bruno has a specific drum style, his own. I think I had almost forgotten what's that special thing I love in music. Thank you for reminding me that.  
Some people are irreplaceably unique, and I think he's one of them.

Thank you Pedro Costa for curating such nice concerts and Culturgest for trusting my work.

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