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domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

The invisible cities of Dead J and Dora.S

This image above is the drawing I have made live from Dead J and is the reason why I am writing about that lucky February night, where I had the chance to see live both Chinese, Dead J and VJ Dora.S

Dead J aka Shao Yanpeng is an electronic musician and producer from Beijing and VJ Dora.S aka Wang Meng is a visual artist from Tianjin.

 Presentations made, I have to say the music just smashed me. It was that type of music that fills every minimum black hole of dust. Invaded with dreams with a future living that is universal, not just Chinese. It filled the room with something you could not touch, but that one could deeply feel and relate to. The word in mind is goosebumps.

The VJ'ing was absolutely overwhelming too. With a black and white geometric language, the visual connections Dora.S made to the music were always purposeful and opened other possibilities to the sound. Shown the root of things to be built, it reminded all of us the fascination of geometry, without ever being boring or repetitive. It was the road to follow dreams. 

The duo was so present and powerful, I just couldn't take my eyes from them one single minute. Dead J and Dora.S made me fly over cities I had never seen before. Who knows if it could be a continuation of an Invisible City of Italo Calvino. They fully caught my attention.

A new Chinese art scene is going on, and these guys definitely have interesting things to say and a role to play. Actually, if Modern China is too complicated they made it a breezy flight with many things to learn. 

May it widen the perspectives of electronic music and art scene in China and abroad. All that talent is needed to shape the sound of a better world. 

See a video of them, performing live in Beijing here.

This concert was held in Music Box and was organized it the ambit of This is my City

Thank you Clara, Manuel and Nuno for inviting me and making this happen. It was beautiful. 

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