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domingo, 9 de março de 2014

Irmãos Catita

Irmãos Catita claim to be five siblings of different parenthood, abandoned at birth, gathered by chance in life. Well... let's just say the Portuguese band formed in 1991, came to change the dullness of the days, to say the least!!

Their last concert in Lisbon at Teatro Villaret, preceded their third album, to be released soon. 
It had been about 17 years since I last saw them live - unforgivable!! 

The venue was packed and I was in the first row. Through smoke and plumes, it was fantastic to listen to their music again. 
Very graphic at all senses, was a pleasure to draw them. 

Here is a selection of what I made there:

This is my live drawing of Manuel João Vieira, the vocalist of the band. His shirt was a folding screen for his world to come: vivid, and ironically political. 
Frenetic, tropic-exotic and unpredictable, Manuel João Viera is a master of entertainment one can't get tired of. 

On my live drawing of Francisco Ferro,  thought of him as a percussion chess piece. Indeed, a fundamental piece, he is one of the pillars of the band. All the way, this music is a game to be played.

My live drawing of the guitarist João Leitão was a result of my encounter with Kermit during the concert. All I can say is that I travelled far!  

This one is the live drawing of the double bass player, João Custódio. The colours where his, that at all times engaged fun and elegance. Simple and great.

And then my live drawing of one of the guests: the guitarist Phil Mendrix
He is a legendary musician I wanted to draw live for a long time, since I saw him at Inner Urge documentary from Isabel Cardeira, where I quickly appeared too.

His presence in the band is irreplaceable and absolutely charismatic. It was like everybody wanted to see him, every time he'd show up on stage there was a silver glow around him. 

What a trip this gig was. Make no mistakes, this was no common concert (not to mention it lasted 3 hours) and I guess none of their concerts will ever be.
As in Paul Simon song, they are Still crazy after all those years and we're very happy it is so. 

See a bit of that night here on this video from Rogério Machado.

Thank you so much Void Agency for trusting my work. 

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