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segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2014

Espaço APAV & Cultura Poster for Gabriel Godoi & Gonçalo Falcão Concert

This is the poster and painting I did for Espaço APAV & Cultura that is hosting this Gabriel Godoi and Gonçalo Falcão concert on the 18th of March at 19.30h.

The Brazilian guitarist Gabriel Godoi has prooved its crafts in Chorinho and Gonçalo Falcão is a Portuguese guitarist whose designer skills weren't enough to test his need to improvise. Is it that the trigger here is Experimenting Chorinho? You have to attend to find out!

I think I already mentioned Espaço APAV & Cultura is one of my favorite places in Lisbon for concerts. The space is very intimate, the walls are fool of books, and the acoustic is great. 
Also to mention the location is central and breezy with Jardim Constantino (Constantino José Marques de Sampaio e Melo was the king of the florists, back in the XIX century, also inspiring to know!) just in front. 

I made this painting thinking already to use it for this purpose. Before I started painting, I mentally saw the colors to use, how to mix them and their layer order since I wanted it to go from the lightest color to black. It was before I finished the painting that I pictured I wanted a full color poster with the letters as the only thing in white. Also I wanted to make something lively, that could represent the happy encounters provided by these initiatives in APAV. 

I'm sharing all these things because - and as someone said the other day in on LXII Conversa in our studio (Década) - I agree both the process and the result are important.

This concert was programmed by Nuno Catarino who told me he chose the musicians according to my painting!

If you want to know more about this event, please follow this link.

APAV is in Rua José Estevão, 135A (Lisbon) and the entrance for this concert is free.

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