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sábado, 25 de janeiro de 2014

Carlos Zíngaro @ Jazz.pt

Did this drawing last year at Hugo Antunes + Miguel Mira + Carlos Zíngaro's concert at APAV. And this was one evening to remember, and I actually named it as one of my favorite concerts in 2013, here. Check out the full drawing here.

Carlos Zíngaro is a violin player among many other things.
Yes he can paint, he can draw, he can compose, he can improvise, he can write arabesques in the air, make you fly to a new century, all sorts of things magicians do. Or very talented musicians, like him.
His ideas are innovative and stand out and so I thought about this: he can see things others don't, he can think things others don't, so his glasses divide his head from his material body.

The greener, the ground; the blacker, the unknown.

Thank you for "breaking out through" and taking us with you on this journey. Few can do it.

Can't wait for the next exciting concert Nuno Catarino will organize in one of my already favorite library concert rooms in Lisbon.

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