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quarta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2013

Hugo Antunes @ Jazz.pt

"O mosquito era essa doença encarnada,
as picadas, barbas de milho alvoraçadas.
Nascer do dia, brilhante, fluorescente e a
tarde era nos dedos patinagem,
patine cerosa só para a
diversão, pergunta intermitente
dormente na situação picadinho
no acto, sem culpa nem pressão, era
essa coisa: prata no turbilhão..."

This is the text I wrote while listening to the double bass player Hugo Antunes concert playing along with Carlos Zíngaro (violin) and Miguel Mira (cello) at APAV.

I was delighted I finally had the chance to draw Hugo, since we know each other for so many years and I never had the proper chance to do it.

Hugo is all about several things happening at the same time and that's why I chose to put text over image, and two hands on it, also reminding he is a Gemini. He's fast and he's funny and his ideas and effort to make it work on this gig where remarkable. Also to remember the idea of gathering these 3 string instruments was his. One misses this type of combinations! And I just wish they will play more because it was a joy to watch.

Find my drawing here and the article on Jazz.pt about this concert here.

The Concert was organized by APAV/ Nuno Catarino

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