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quarta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2013

Alive Series

Happy Christmas everybody!

Alive series are a series of paintings made over postcards of Ildema.

Ildema was a Naïf painter that lived from 1921-2009.

She was my grandmother and, because of that, I inherited a collection of postcards, an edition from Associação de Pintores Primitivos Modernos / Museu de Pintura Primitiva Moderna of Guimarães of these postcards of her Jardim da Cordoaria - Porto painting.

She was the one who firstly taught me how to paint and draw. I can never forget her lessons on how to observe the shape and reproduce the color. She was all about enjoying life and living it at its fullest. Alive series are a homage to her and to life.

I wanted to use her postcards as my canvas so I firstly collected them like this:

I wanted the Christmas tone, so my background colors where silver, gold and bronze:

Then, a little party color was going on:

I wanted to do a painting over the postcards, that allowed my Gramma's painting still to be perceived, like these, for example:

Alive series is about sharing a feeling of joy for being alive, for having beautiful people in my life too.

Each post card was attributed a letter and a number to identify which part of the painting that postcard made part of. That is also because I wanted to deliver a personal message to each person I have send it to.

These first Alive postcard series were sent to 36 persons in several different countries so that this painting of mine is ALIVE in each of you and around the world. Each postcard is irripetibile and unique.

I did the matching of the persons and the paintings mostly according to the colors of the post card.

If I've sent these post cards to you, that is because I wanted to say THANK YOU for some reason. If you want to find out why, please scroll down and look for your letter and number (written on the post card).

When one does something for the others over and over, it goes back to you. May the Universe bless your patience and dedication to others. Inspirational is the word the occurs me now.

Some persons have the ability to pull off things from others one could not imagine. Thank you so much for making me feel things I didn't know existed. Life will never be the same: a change for better things to come.

Some artists have the ability to move mountains, because they touch people's heart with their work. I think you are one of them!

A strong house can never be built without solid foundations. Wanted to send you this also because you've met both my Grandmother and her painting too. Long live to our friendship of a lifetime!

Some cosmically unexplainable happenings change your life forever. Sometimes it's so overwhelming, we are just able to recognize they are special and unique. I wish in some time we will be better able to understand its role.

I believe sharing the things we love makes us closer. And it was about time you to have a painting of mine :)

Some of these nights I had nicer dreams because of the music I heard before. You told me some beautiful stories and made me fly up to the clouds.

There are good persons in this world and you are a living proof of that. Your warmth and generosity are moving. Do never give up on being yourself. The world needs persons like you.

Life is easier and happier if you live it smiling. Learned that from you guys.
A vida é mais simples e mais feliz se você a viver sorrindo. Aprendi isso com vocês.

I owe you the gift of life. May this postcard inspire you to embrace it everyday and treasure the good things!

I truly admire your sense of novelty. May life continue inspiring you, because this world desperately needs fresh new fluorescent ideas like yours!

Chose it for you because of the light blue. Reminded me your eyes! May these colors inspire you to have fresh and bright ideas!

Your patience, trust and faith in me have made me grow as a human being. So looking forward to see you very soon!

Chose this one for you because the colors forwarded me to novels, secrets and webs. Not everybody has the skills to keep well a secret. But I think you know how to do that. Every time I think of you I think I could draw you as a character, write about you or that you could be in one of my dreams...

The sugar beet color linked me to food and love = you guys!! It's been a while since I wanted you to have a drawing/painting of mine! I miss you both :)  May these colors bring you luck and joy to your house and your life!

If it wasn't for you, these Alive series wouldn't never happened! This is also my gift to your new place. May you frame it and put it in a place where you can remember of two persons that love you so dearly - me and your Mum. I chose these colors because they remembered me your great sense of humor, and the biggest lesson I've learnt from you: to live the bright side of life.

Do great stuff with simple things. Was the very first thing I have learnt from you since the day I first saw you. That night remains very vivid in my mind, after all these years!

True friendship doesn't dilutes in the Oceans nor gets lost in the Continents - it remains in our hearts! Tantas saudades!

Changing the inner weather is an artistry of those who know how to dance. And, without knowing, you have changed many many times my, in days all I could see was grey.

My statement to you: Sweethearts need to be given a more important role on society. Because they do things for others with the main aim to make others happier.

Life gave us the fortune to cross our paths one day. I have the feeling both of us have found out things about ourselves we did not know before, because we pushed so much for each other. This has no price and I hope it was a kick start for an endless friendship.

May the colors of this post card inspire you in your work and may it bring me closer to you while we are far. Will always wish you well.

Some tranes change our life because they take us to places we could never imagine before. Yours has a special color and is one of those that changed my perception on music.

I owe you the gift of life and the constant presence of one of the most important things in my life: music! No words to describe what that means to me.

You have the wisdom of the word and the gift of silence. May the world have as much persons with the ability to plant good seeds as you do!

For all the good music you have showed me, for the great moments we have shared, and for the more to come!

You made part of an important step in my life this year. Thank you for your patience and wisdom.

Before we were born we were already friends, for sure!! This one is doubly meaningful since you knew my grandmother and her paintings too. It is my birthday present for you too. Hope you frame it or keep it in a special place to remember the celebration of a family endless friendship. Will always welcome you with open arms.

We travel, we move, we've changed but our bond is beautiful and one I treasure a lot. In all these years of friendship, I owe you many dear moments, and wanted to send you this to celebrate it.

A flower bloomed and a garden is to come. May this postcard plant another seed to grow!

Your kindness of spirit inspires me to give you something in return. You make the world a brighter place to live in.

It is truly unique when you find people in the world with whom you have a free communication channel. You are one of them. May it bring us inspiration for our projects to come :)

Pinnacle walks are only suitable for those who can dream so well, they can actually make it! Please don't ever repress your creativity! You have a gift - that is - to be different from everybody else. You are special and inspire me to be better person everyday.

I have the deepest gratitude and admiration towards you. You are an inspiration and a permanent light in my life. We have planted something so deep, and this beautiful tree - with beautiful fruits - is rooted in me in a way I can not describe. May life give me the chance to give you back all the good you have done to me. Will always care about you and your loved ones.

We speak the same language - the one that makes us curious and question the world. It is such a joy for me that I have someone like you with whom I can share this with such calm and sensitivity.

One day a Prince came and saved my life in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean currents. It was not a dream, it is a color post card I keep alive in my memory. You are a hero, an inspiration, a brother for life.

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