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segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

For John Cage´s Birth centenary

Remembering John Cage's birthday 
A legend, an inspiration, a talent, a genius, an oracle for life.

This was an exercise I did some years ago, in 2012 while in an editorial illustration course.
The briefing was to pick an ephemeris from that year to illustrate. 

From the whole 2012 wikipedia event list we consulted, I wanted to chose one related to music, and uau! John Cage would turn 100 years that year!

It was the perfect excuse to search a little bit more about him, besides his brilliance in music.
I loved to know he collected mushrooms and that he used I-Ching as a system to compose music. 
Contemporary music would've never been the same after him!
Unique, needed and irreplaceable, he used an oracle but, in the end, himself was the oracle for the future to come. 

May the Universe bless you wherever you are now. 

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