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sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Alex Deutsch

I've made this drawing at Jazz em Agosto Festival, in 2004, during Regenorchester XI's concert. 
It's the portrait of the Austrian drummer, Alex Deutsch, a.k.a. aleXdrum.

Even though this concert took place so many years ago, I can still remember how he blew my mind playing just with a snare drum and a cymbal. Groove is the word to describe him! 

He played with projects such as Cafe Dreschler, and collaborated with artists like Franz HautzingerJohn Megill or Anna F

There's something fizzy, enthusiastic and bold about Alex. To cut it short, he's probably the hippest musician I have ever met!

Also, my deep love for Austria started due to him and Franz Hautzinger. A beautiful story I'll tell some other time :) 

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